April 2024: Sakura Noodle Night!

Missed your chance to get our Sakura Noodle Night box? Don't worry, because select items may still be available at MiauMall! Enjoy nine varieties of noodles inspired by night stalls on a spring night, with cherry blossoms lighting the sky pink!

*Only items currently in stock are displayed.

  • NISSIN Tongarashi Ramen Sweet & Spicy Tomato Cream & Cheese

    Enjoy the taste of a sweet and savory tomato and cheese broth with oodles of noodles.

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  • NISSIN Artisans Tan Tan Ramen

    Nutty and spicy tantanmen broth with a generous helping of non-fried noodles.

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  • NISSIN Cup Noodle Beef Dashi Yukgaejang Big Cup Ramen

    Enjoy the taste of smoky beef in a spicy gochugaru broth with this ramenification of a popular Korean dish.

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  • Sapporo No. 1 Shio Tonkotsu Ramen Pack

    Smooth and rich salted tonkotsu ramen.

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  • Sapporo No. 1 Kuze Fuku & Co. Everyday Dashi Shoyu Ramen

    Non-fried straight whole wheat noodles with a chicken, pork, and bonito dashi, with bonito flakes from Kagoshima prefecture.

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  • Maruchan ZUBAAN! Tonkotsu & Seafood Ramen Pack

    Ultra-thick non-fried noodles with a creamy tonkotsu and fish broth. Enjoy as ramen or tsukemen.

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  • Myojo Ippei-chan Night Shop Addicting Salt Tare Yakisoba

    Flavorful onion noodles with cabbage, sesame oil, and garlic mayonnaise and a black pepper, sea lettuce, and chili seasoning.

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  • Myojo Charumera Kumamoto Ma-yu Oil Tonkotsu Ramen

    Savor the flavor of roasted garlic in a rich tonkotsu broth - Kumamoto style!

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