Welcome to Nakama Noodles!

Welcome to Nakama Noodles!

Hello, and Welcome to MiauBox Japan, the new home of Nakama Noodles!

We’ve been around for a few months already on MiauMall, but we’re happy to provide a more personalized experience on this brand new website! While we still love the MiauMall platform and still use it to sell past box items you missed, we can give you more freedom and control over your Japanese noodle box subscription here.

Also, welcome to our Blog! We’ve been so excited to introduce and teach you all the things we love about Japan, from Japanese culture to Japanese food and more! Of course, that includes Japanese noodles! We’re still going to share all of the coolest things Japan has to offer on our social media, but you’ll find more in-depth information here!

But enough about our blog and back to us!

Read on to learn more about Nakama Noodles!

What is Nakama Noodles?

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From the noodle-obsessed minds of the online Japanese shopping platform MiauMall, we had an amazing idea to offer people around the world the best noodles Japan has to offer. What better way to do that than with a curated experience delivered right to your door every month!

With so many connections made through our shopping platform, MiauMall. and a love of Japanese ramen in our hearts, we decided to start Nakama Noodles, our monthly ramen and noodle subscription box. Japan has so many different brands and types of ramen on the market. Add in other types of noodles, like udon and soba, and you’ll see just how many delicious noodles just never make it overseas.

From tasty tonkotsu ramen to a cup of yummy kitsune udon or soba, Japan’s noodle scene has something for everyone. Throw in seasonal exclusives, unique collabs, and limited-edition packaging or flavors, and you’ll see that the cup noodle and instant ramen market is packed full of variety. We want to share that variety with you through our Nakama Noodles Box that is full of Japan-only exclusives!

What do we offer?

Nakama Noodles October box

Like we mentioned, this is a box service where you’ll get all of the best noodles Japan has to offer. While our main focus will always be on ramen, we’ll always be sure to mix it up with udon and soba included in every box.

But don’t get us wrong. You aren’t getting just a box of noodles. Every month, your Nakama Noodles box is curated by our competent team of noodle lovers to make sure that you get a box full of items that are both delicious and hard to get outside of Japan.

Every month, you’ll receive 8-10 items, including instant noodle packs, cups and bowls. And within those 8-10, you’ll always find limited edition products, regional exclusives, and seasonal products. Of course, we’ll also include a couple of Japanese staples that just haven’t made it across the ocean to your country. So please look forward to all the tasty noodles you’ll get every month!

The only downside of getting a bunch of Japan-exclusive products is that the instructions are all in Japanese. But we have that covered. Every box will come with a ‘Thank You’ card with a QR code that you can use to access our Noodle Guide! The Noodle Guide comes complete with product information, common allergen information, instructions, and fun info about Japanese culture just for you.

More Than Just Noodles


Yes, we’re here to offer you the best noodles Japan has to offer every month, but there’s so much more we want to offer and promise you!

First of all, we’re actually based in the lively, colorful city of Osaka, also known as ‘Japan’s Kitchen’. That means that we’re in a unique position! Most of our competitors are based in Tokyo and show plenty of Tokyo content and culture, but we want to show you more about Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese food, and Japanese ramen outside of the usual Tokyo content (even though we do love Tokyo).

Second, we want to make sure that you are always getting something new and exciting. Whether it’s the cool, limited-edition ramen or our videos covering the awesome events, shops, food and collabs happening here in Japan, we’re here to make sure you always have something to look forward to both in your box and on our social media!

Last, we want to offer you quality. We’re dedicated to making sure you have a high-quality experience. We make sure that any items we put in your box are things that we as a team actually like to eat and would be happy to send to you! And we want to carry that quality over into our blogs, our Noodle Guide, our social media and anything else we present to you!

Check Us Out

We’d love to curate and send a Nakama Noodles box your way, so let us use all of our resources to make an amazing box for you.

Want to get to know us even more? Experience Japan with us through fun videos while also checking out the items we put in our boxes and Japanese products we sell on MiauMall by checking out our socials!

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