Past Boxes

Did you miss your chance to snag one of our previous Nakama Noodles boxes?

Or maybe you just want to savor another bowl of an old favorite?

In some cases, we have individual ramen from previous boxes up for grabs. Get your hands on individual noodle cups, bowls, and packs while quantities last at our sister site, MiauMall!

*MiauMall does not sell expired ramen. Items sold from boxes more than six months ago have been restocked due to demand.

May 2024 - Ramen Watch Party!

Press play and binge watch your favorite series with lots of fun ramen to keep you fueled! With Chainsaw Man and Pokémon noodles, including a random sticker, there are lots of fun surprises in this box!

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April 2024 - Sakura Noodle Night!

Our April '24 box was full of delicious ramen to enjoy while cherry blossom viewing in the evening, with a mix of smoky, nutty, salty, and creamy flavors.

Sold out - Thank you!

March 2024 - Noodlin' Across Japan

Our Noodlin' Across Japan box takes you on a tour through Japan's famous regions and all of their unique and delicious cuisines.

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Feb 2024 - Be My Noodletine

Our Be My Noodletine box was the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day, with a range of pink and red noodles and a portion of the proceeds going to Second Harvest Japan. The Nissin Donbei Red Ginger Tempura Soba was particularly a hit!

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Jan 2024 - New Year, New Ramen

Our January 2024 box celebrated the Year of the Dragon with a cute ceramic dragon keychain companion and noodles like mochi ramen and buckwheat noodles inspired by traditional Japanese New Year's cuisine!

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Dec 2023 - Ramen Wonderland

Our December box was loaded with comforting favorites, like mushroom udon, buttered potato yakisoba, beef udon with pickled ginger, and Italian-style peperoncino ramen, with a sweet winter-themed pair of chopsticks!

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Nov 2023 - Codename: Noodle

Our Codename: Noodle box was a hit with plenty of Nissin SPY x FAMILY noodles, a free mini coaster, and plenty more ramen to enjoy!

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Oct 2023 - Halloween Game Night

Our spooky noodle box includes everything you need to fuel your horror game session, including spicy, caffeinated, and sour cream and onion noodles!

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Sept 2023 - Slurpin' Dragon Festival

Our September box was inspired by Kyoto's autumn dragon festival!

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Aug 2023 - Welcome Nakama!

Our premier noodle box! This one is full of classics as well as modern varieties!

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